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Reading List: Artist Writing and Artist Projects

Production still from us on grass on real grass by Saige Rowe, featuring Sheyenne Thompson and Skylar Rowe. Image courtesy of the artist.

A reading list of artist writing and artist projects from Burnaway’s archives compiled by the magazine’s editors.

God Bless Aretha Franklin: A Letter from Paul Stephen Benjamin

August 31, 2018

Atlanta artist Paul Stephen Benjamin reflects upon the cultural legacy of singer Aretha Franklin and her impact on “the sound of Blackness.”

Inflatable Dolls: Women’s History Museum at Springsteen Gallery

April 19, 2019

Artist C. Klockner reviews Women’s History Museum’s Biennial Poupées Gonflabes at Springsteen Gallery in Baltimore.

Testimonio de la Realidad: Beatriz González at PAMM, Miami

May 15, 2019

Artist Domingo Castillo reviews a retrospective by Colombian artist Beatriz González, who bears witness to the harsh realities of corruption and civil warfare with a critical yet playful approach. Published in Spanish and English.

As Far As We Can Go, Happiness Is Always Just Over That Horizon

June 13, 2019

Artist Yoon Nam considers I-85, the American Dream, and Alex Ito’s God Has No Fingernails at the artist-run space Good Enough in the Duluth, Georgia.

Mood Ring: Healer

June 25, 2019

In the inaugural installment of our artist column Mood Ring, Brian Hitselberger writes about hate speech, queer hypervisibility, and the drag performance that inspired his current work.

Mood Ring: Mo Costello

July 10, 2019

Artist Mo Costello offers a lyrical meditation on images of intimacy, tenderness, and loss.

Mood Ring: GIFs by Saige Rowe

August 1, 2019

Atlanta-based video artist Saige Rowe creates an original series of GIFs, us on grass on real grass, for Burnaway.

Mood Ring: FRKO’s Classified Personals

January 23, 2020

Atlanta artist and illustrator FRKO tells a satirical X-rated horror story in a new comic for Burnaway.

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