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WeHome Podcast Gets People Talking in Nashville

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Illustration by Lauren Cierzan.

BURNAWAY contributor Erica Ciccarone has launched a podcast and website about the changing face of Nashville neighborhoods that a number of artists and galleries call home. Ciccarone produces the roughly biweekly podcast, called WeHome, in collaboration with Seed Space and Nashville Metro Planning Department, and funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and Nashville Public Television. BURNAWAY is a proud host of this community-based project.

WeHome gets strangers talking in the rapidly changing Nashville neighborhoods of Wedgewood Houston and Chestnut Hill. We ask people to tour each other’s lives and tell each other stories, and we capture their interactions on a podcast. When the season wraps, we’ll pair visual artists with community organizations to create something based on the WeHome episode that speaks to them most.

EPISODE 1: The Lorax

In 1976, Bill Perkins accidentally attended a block party in a Nashville neighborhood that the city had all but given up on. He liked it so much that he moved in and co-founded a game-changing neighborhood action committee that still exists today. Anna Zeitlin is a hatmaker and the manager at Zeitgeist, a contemporary art gallery in Wedgewood Houston. She’s also a Nashville native, the co-founder of Fashion Happening Nashville, and a milliner. You can check out her hats in her online shop, Fanny & June. (More about all of that in the episode!). She interviews Bill in “The Lorax.”

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