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WeHome Podcast Episode 5: Big Picture People

WeHome Podcast, episode 5: Big Picture People. Illustration by Lauren Cierzan.

When Mena Gamil and Makarious Mesak were assigned a project in their freshman seminar at LEAD Academy, they wanted to finish the quarter with a good grade. But the teens were swept away by a big idea: solar sidewalks. They led the class in a project proposal that got the attention of the local leaders, and learned that even as teenagers, they could have a voice in how the city grows. Betsy Littrell, an architect and sustainability advocate, interviews Mena and Makarious and takes us on a tour of her tiny urban farm.

WeHome is Erica Ciccarone’s podcast about the changing face of Nashville neighborhoods that a number of artists and galleries call home. Ciccarone produces the roughly biweekly podcast in collaboration with Seed Space and Nashville Metro Planning Department, and funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and Nashville Public Television. BURNAWAY is a proud host of this community-based project.

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