Meet the Colorful Coorain Devin at Our Studio Soirée This Friday!

Coorain Devin
Coorain Devin
Self-portrait by Coorain Devin.

This Friday, during the BURNAWAY Studio Soirée, the MFA Photo studios on the second floor will be open to the public. Students are converting the hallways into an exhibition space and setting up a photo booth to add to the fun.

One of Georgia State’s newest grads is Photo MFA Coorain Devin. Coorain was born in Australia, studied at Tufts University and its School of Museum of Fine Arts, where he received undergraduate degrees in philosophy and fine arts.

Coorain Devin

Coorain approaches his practice with a particular interest in camp or otherwise queer aesthetics, montage, and text/image relationships. He frequently finds himself deploying superficial content or a belletristic appearance as an aesthetic strategy. His background in philosophy has contributed to an interest in theoretical discussion, which he expresses through his artwork, despite the work’s flippant tone. Pop art and Fluxus have had particular influence on his art practice, imbuing him with a somewhat slick sense of consumer critique/participation. Similarly, influence can be found in Candy Darling, Gertrude Stein, Oscar Wilde, Dave Eggers, drag aesthetics, MTV, Sylvia Plath, and John Waters. While he has avoided chaining himself to a specific medium, he primarily works in printmaking, drawing/collage, and video.

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