WonderRoot Podcast: Kevin Byrd’s Winding Road

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Kevin Byrd, Urethane Drippings on Duralex Tumblers, courtesy of the artist.
Kevin Byrd, Urethane Drippings on Duralex Tumblers, courtesy of the artist.

Architect and mixed media artist Kevin Byrd chats with Floyd Hall about how modern companies can foster space for more creativity, a critical decision that affected his career path, and recognizing artistic innovation from a design perspective.

Dana Haugaard at Swan Coach House Gallery through May 20, 2021

Audio: Click the player above to listen to Hall’s conversation with Kevin Byrd, or download the MP3.


Georgia Museum of Art: Extra Ordinary, American Realism open Feb 27 - June 13


BURNAWAY Radio now shares WonderRoot podcasts. The WonderRoot podcast series offers listeners a vast array of conversations and insights into WonderRoot and the Atlanta cultural community, while continuing our mission of uniting artists and community to inspire social change. These conversations also serve as a platform to highlight the wide spectrum of artists and initiatives that impact Atlanta, with an eye to how these discussions may also affect the global communities in which we live. WonderRoot believes that artists have the potential to change the world; we are artists giving back to the community that has done so much to inspire us.

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