WonderRoot Podcast: Filmmaker Roni Nicole

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Georgia Museum of Art: Modern Native American Printmakers on view through January 30

In this conversation with Floyd Hall, filmmaker Roni Nicole talks about the journey of pursuing her art career from SCAD to New York and back to Atlanta, embracing the miracles that surround us every day, and how she’s managed to stay true to the pictures in her head.

“[I make] moving pictures. They have been described as beautiful, but for [myself], beauty is a means to reach another goal: the creation of change—even an inch will do.”  —Roni Nicole

Roni Nicole will be part of MOCA GA’s upcoming exhibition, ONE ONE, which opens on April 26th. 

ETSU MFA Program applications open

Audio: Click the player above to listen to Hall’s conversation with Roni Nicole, or download the MP3.



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