Pairings: September Suggestions from BURNAWAY and Scoutmob

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BURNAWAY’s pick: The new exhibition, Material Girls, at Spelman College / Scoutmob’s pairing: Soul Vegetarian.

BURNAWAY supports local businesses and homegrown talent, so we teamed up with Scoutmob to bring you suggestions for unique art experiences paired with cool unique restaurants around Atlanta. Think of it like a wine pairing: What sort of taste might make a nice match for the show you plan to visit next weekend?
See below for Henry Detweiler’s top recommendations for arts events, plus food pairings by Gray Chapman of Scoutmob, for the month of September 2012.
ART: Meg Aubrey at Whitespace / September 7
Artist Meg Aubrey serves up more paintings of suburban isolation this month at Whitespace Gallery with her new solo exhibition, Domiciled. Last year Aubrey showed her hauntingly desolate suburban landscapes in After the Suburbs at the now-closed Kiang Gallery. This year she returns with psychological portraits of upper-class suburbanites delving into an existential horror that is unique to life in ultra-planned cookie-cutter environments. The opening reception for Domiciled is at 7-10PM, Friday, September 7, and the show runs through October 13.

Seeds, a juried show. applications open through August 5 at Westobou Gallery, Augusta

FOOD: Inman Park

Hungry art enthusiasts: you’re in luck, because Whitespace is within a stone’s throw of some of ATL’s best eateries. For a little taste of the retro (and Chef Ria’s witty, diverse menu), head to Sauced, where the wood-paneled walls and pink elephants might just make you feel like a cocktail-swilling June Cleaver. Other solid options: a work of sushi art at Zuma, a hot cup of Intelligentsia and a scoop of Jake’s Ice Cream at Inman Perk, or an affogato at the brand-new Mister & Miss Einstein’s.

ART: Material Girls at Spelman / September 13
The always thought-provoking Spelman College Museum of Fine Art will host an exhibition of sculpture by seven black female artists titled Material Girls. The artists featured in the exhibition have created work that addresses environmental issues through the dramatic juxtaposition of man-made materials, such as plastic and rubber tires, and organic materials, such as volcanic stone and hair. The exhibition promises to be visually rich and texturally dense. The Spelman Museum will host an opening reception for the show at 6:30-8:30PM, Thursday, September 13. The reception will feature a discussion with the curator Michelle Joan Wilkinson and artist Martha Jackson Jarvis at 7PM.

FOOD: The West End

Spelman happens to be situated in one of the most richly historical neighborhoods in Atlanta, and one certainly worth exploring. Soul Vegetarian‘s vegan takes on soul food are always a solid recommendation. Or, for the other side of the coin, try the very indulgent, not-quite-so-vegan fried chicken at Busy Bee. Just up the road in Castleberry Hill, you can enjoy a taste of Paul Luna’s delightfully quirky cooking (and wine, of course). And for some serious soul, there’s the aptly named Beautiful Restaurant, which has set the standard for soul food for years.

Seeds, a juried show. applications open through August 5 at Westobou Gallery, Augusta

ART: Free Class with gloATL / September 15
The ever-popular gloATL will host a free public class at their Goodson Yard rehearsal space at The Goat Farm on Saturday, September 15. The class is open to all ages and skill levels and encourages participants to get to know one another while shaking their collective tail feathers. This will be the last event for gloATL at The Goat Farm before they relocate to their new rehearsal space at Maddox Pool, so don’t miss this final opportunity to move with glo before they move. The class begins at 1PM and runs until 2:30PM, and participants are invited to come and go as they please.

FOOD: Hands-on Experience

Your mama always said not to play with your food. But after busting a move with Lauri Stallings and her talented troupe, we recommend you continue the hands-on approach with a veggie platter or fish tibs at one of Atlanta’s many Ethiopian restaurants, where rolling your food up in spongey injera bread takes the place of utensils. Forks: who needs them? For a taste of Ethiopian hospitality (and delicious fir fire), Desta and Enat Ethiopian transform ingredients like cabbage and lentils into spicy, complex dishes.

ART: Metropolis with Sonic Generator / September 27
It seems that 2012 is the year of re-scoring Fritz Lang’s 1927 classic Metropolis. This time Georgia Tech’s resident music ensemble Sonic Generator will accompany an outdoor screening of the film at the Woodruff Arts Center with a live performance of an all-new musical score by Martin Matalon. Since a 2008 discovery of previously missing footage from the film, Metropolis has been restored to its original three-and-a-half-hour length, so be sure to bring a comfy folding chair for this marathon and mind-blowing experience of image and sound. The screening, presented by Flux Projects, is free and starts at 8:30PM on Thursday, September 27.

FOOD: Vision, Sound, Retro Futurism

Sonic Generator’s performance is all about engaging your eyes and your ears. You can feast all of the above (plus, tastebuds) on the enormous, juicy burgers at Grindhouse while basking in the B-list films projected on the walls. If sliders and ping-pong are more your speed, head to Victory, where a movie projection is served up alongside those Castros. For those who like to enjoy a bit of live music with their meal, the Earl, Graveyard, Sound Table, and Top FLR are just a few of the many spots in town that offer listening pleasurables.

Also: We’ll take just about any excuse to check out a brand-new joint … especially when Ms. Pacman is involved. Joystick Gamebar, the new kid on the Old Fourth Ward block, is brimming with retro appeal that’ll give you a stroll down memory lane, a few small plates of tasty tapas … and maybe a victory scored with Mortal Kombat. (Finish him!)

ART: Open Studios at ACAC / September 28
The artists-in-residence at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (ACAC) will open their doors to the public for this season’s Open Studios celebration. This is a great opportunity to meet 14 local artists in the place where they work. General admission is $15 before 9PM and $5 after, and the event will feature food, drinks, and musical accompaniment by Creative Loafing’s 2010 Best Local Vocalist, Bernadette Seacrest. Open Studios begins at 7PM on Friday, September 28, and continues until 11PM.

FOOD: Communal Gatherings

Should you be stricken with hunger before you head over to ACAC (where, yes, there will be bites), we suggest saddling up to the Chef’s Table at No. 246, where you can rub shoulders with strangers and enjoy the closest thing to the chef’s personal dining room table as possible. Of course, sharing in pizza bliss with strangers also is part of the appeal at Antico (the other part being, of course, the best pie in Atlanta).

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