Out There Atlanta’s Summer Sound Series: Al Matthews

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Al Matthews, photo credit: Oscar Daniel
Al Matthews, photo credit: Oscar Daniel

This fall, Out There Atlanta presents a continuation of Summer Sound Series, a collection of interviews with artists who find inspiration in sound or directly use it in their works.

High Museum: Picturing the South on view through February 6

Episode 77: Our last summer sound series is with Al Matthews. Al Matthews is digital sound and video artist whose work has led him to projects with Georgia Tech’s Sonic Generator and an installation curated by Robin Bernat of Poem88. Listen to the podcast to find out more about his inspirations. To hear the works discussed on this podcast, head to Matthews’s Soundcloud page or his website, http://fatmilktv.com/.

Podcast topics include: His work with Sonic Generator, the tradition of computer music, the post-war German and Japanese aesthetic, and celestial music.

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New Orleans Film Festival: November 5-21


Pi Day 2012, image credit: Al Matthews.
Pi Day 2012, image credit: Al Matthews.


Site-specific installation at Lemuel Pratt Grant Mansion in Atlanta. Photo credit: Jon Ciliberto.
Site-specific installation at Lemuel Pratt Grant Mansion in Atlanta. Photo credit: Jon Ciliberto.


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