Makers #1: Sarah Green of Cord Shoes + Boots

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Sarah Green, founder of Cord Shoes + Boots.
Sarah Green, founder of Cord Shoes + Boots.

BURNAWAY is excited to kick off the “Makers” series of “micro-mentaries” by Kimberly Binns, BURNAWAY’s awesome outreach coordinator and Renaissance woman. In this first installment, Binns visits with Atlanta shoemaker Sarah Green, who founded her company Cord Shoes + Boots in 2013, after apprenticing with master shoemaker Perry Ercolino in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. But beware, after watching Green at work, you’ll be wanting a pair of bespoke shoes.

BURNAWAY presents: “CORD,” the first installment of the “Makers” series by Kimberly Binns from BURNAWAY on Vimeo.

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