Dodge & Burn: Reflections on Atlanta

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Dodge & Burn is a series of photo essays documenting local culture with a focus on artful imagery, movement, and light.
I have loved shooting photographs with reflections for years. My usual photos involve a lake, pond, or river. It is an entirely different way of looking at something. The properties of the water, including color, clarity, depth, and the bottom surface texture, have a profound impact on the subject it is mirroring. With all of the recent rain Atlanta has been enjoying, I finally had the opportunity to shoot reflections of Atlanta in puddles.

I imagine passersby thought I was nuts zipping from puddle to puddle, looking at them from various angles to see what I could capture. I was happiest with images where I focused on the reflection, as opposed to the puddle or surrounding area. Especially pleasing were the mirrored neon signs. Experimenting with the juxtaposition of lines in the road or parking lot additionally made for interesting compositions.

Distortions, ripples, and asphalt cracks also contributed to the visual vocabulary of puddle shooting. Even subjects that would otherwise be rather dull were luminous on the puddle surfaces.

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