ARTSpeak: Matt Haffner and Cosmo Whyte on Talent Loves Company

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Cosmo Whyte joins nearly 50 other artists included in Talent Loves Company at Barbara Archer Gallery this Friday. Photograph of the artist courtesy

Rafael Soldi: A body in transit is now on view at the Frost Museum, Miami through December 4

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Episode 53: Our guests this week are Matt Haffner, an artist and professor at Kennesaw State University, and Cosmo Whyte, the 2009 recipient of the Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award. Barbara Archer Gallery’s next exhibition is Talent Loves Company, a salon of fresh local artists curated by an outside panel of experts including Michael Rooks of the High Museum and critics Cinque Hicks and Felicia Feaster. Matt Haffner’s choice for the show was Cosmo White, and the two take the opportunity to reflect on each other’s work and what it means to “pay it forward” to the next generation. Talent Loves Company opens at 7-9PM this Friday, June 22, 2012.

Special thanks go to AM1690, The Voice of the Arts, our partners in producing ARTSpeak with BURNAWAY. The radio version broadcasts every Tuesday in two rotations, 8:20AM and 6:20PM. Thanks also go to the musical talents of Daniel Clay who provided the intro theme for our program.

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