ARTSpeak: Flowing as Water Opens Saturday at the Goat Farm

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Flowing as Water is a multimedia fairytale by artist Corrina Sephora Mensoff, animator Matt Gilbert, and musical composer Ana Balka. Image courtesy the artists.

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Special thanks to AM 1690, The Voice of the Arts, our partners in producing ARTSpeak with BURNAWAY. The radio program broadcasts over the airwaves every Tuesday in two rotations, 8-8:30AM and 6-6:30PM.

Episode 41: Artist Corrina Sephora Mensoff discusses Flowing as Water, her multimedia collaboration with Matt Gilbert and Ana Balka, opening this Saturday, November 5, 2011, 6-10PM at the Goat Farm Art Center. The closing reception on November 19 will feature a panel discussion at 3PM and a dance performance at 7PM.

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