ARTSpeak: Episode 9, Cinque Hicks on Marcus Kenney

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Marcus Kenney, KicKitic, 2007, reclaimed taxidermy ram head, mixed media, 36 x 38 x 25 inches. Photo courtesy Marcia Wood Gallery.

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Episode 9: Jeremy Abernathy speaks with Cinque Hicks, independent writer and art critic for Creative Loafing newspaper, about Marcus Kenney’s Romance 2020, a solo exhibition of new works at Marcia Wood Gallery opening this Thursday, November 18, from 7-9PM.

This week’s episode:

Kenney’s new show will be displayed in salon style: Instead of a uniform row or grid, the installation will follow a more “exploded” arrangement, showcasing several new sculptures that incorporate animal taxidermy (including the one pictured above).

Two works with sequential titles, Be Careful What U Call Home from 2008 and Be Careful What U Call Home II from 2010, illustrate how Kenney’s technique has remained consistent while his subject matter has changed.

In the article titled “Midnight in America: Kid nation,” Cinque Hicks described Kenney’s work against the background of Barack Obama’s election campaign, adding the infinitely memorable quip, “Marcus Kenney is a homeboy.” Published in May of 2008, it was Hicks’s first review for Creative Loafing.

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