ARTSpeak: Craig Drennen Turns Bad Stories into Conceptual Art

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Craig Drennen's new performances will include an absurd puppet-like head modeled after a self-portrait. Image courtesy the artist.

Georgia Museum of Art

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Special thanks to AM 1690, The Voice of the Arts, our partners in producing ARTSpeak with BURNAWAY. The radio program broadcasts over the airwaves every Tuesday between 8-8:30AM and between 6-6:30PM.

Episode 36: Alana Wolf speaks with Craig Drennen, an artist and professor at Georgia State University whose work explores the great flops of theatrical history, from Shakespeare to Supergirl, as well as the relationship between acting and painting, objects and flat images, success and utter failure. (For more info on Drennen’s work, click here for Jiha Moon’s interview with the artist or read our review of his show at Gallery Stokes in 2009.)

Hanging wall clocks set the tone for Drennen's recent exhibitions based on Timon of Athens, the only play by Shakespeare that was never produced during his lifetime. Image courtesy the artist.