ARTSpeak: Anya Liftig’s I’m a Groucho Marxist Comes to the Fourth Ward

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Liftig is working with her production team to create a 60-foot barricade that will be covered in peanut butter. Photo courtesy the artist.

Dana Haugaard at Swan Coach House Gallery through May 20, 2021

Radio Version: Click the player above to listen to the broadcast recorded for AM1690 (six minutes), or click here to download the MP3.

Bonus! Click the player above for the web-only “director’s cut” (18.5 minutes), or click here to download the MP3.

Episode 54: Artist Anya Liftig returns to Atlanta for I’m a Groucho Marxist, a monumental sculpture presented by Flux Projects debuting with a live performance at 8:30-11:30PM this Saturday, July 7, 2012, at 660 Airline Street in the Old Fourth Ward. The physical installation will be an ominous 60-foot barricade of found objects and repurposed refuse that will be covered in a layer of peanut butter. The artist will climb up the wall, blindfolded and partially bound, in a metaphorical exploration of society’s boundaries.

Dana Haugaard at Swan Coach House Gallery through May 20, 2021

In our interview, Liftig discusses logistics and the role of risk in her work. A graduate of Yale University and Georgia State University, the artist reflects on her time in Atlanta and her work since moving to Brooklyn, including her widely known The Anxiety of Influence, a performance that intervened at Marina Abramović’s retrospective at the MOMA in 2011.

Disclosure: Louis Corrigan, the founder of Flux Projects, is also the founder of Possible Futures, a foundation that has provided grant funding for this publication. In pursuit of featuring work that significantly contributes to cultural discourse, as well as our commitment to transparency, our policy is to disclose instead of exclude.

Special thanks go to AM1690, The Voice of the Arts, our partners in producing ARTSpeak with BURNAWAY. The radio version broadcasts every Tuesday in two rotations, 8:20AM and 6:20PM. Thanks also go to the musical talents of Daniel Clay who provided the intro theme for our program.

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