BURNAWAY Presents a Talk by Driskell Prize Winner Kirsten Pai Buick

Kirsten Pai Buick talk

BURNAWAY is pleased to present a free public talk on Thursday, April 19, by esteemed scholar Kirsten Pai Buick at the Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University. Her talk is part of BURNAWAY’s Art Writers Mentorship Program, for which she is serving as a mentor during her visit. [Read our interview with Buick here.]

In her talk, “Narrative Structure as Secular Judgment in Thomas Crawford’s Progress of Civilization,” Buick will shed light on the little-known racially charged subject of the pediment over the entrance to the Senate building by American sculptor Thomas Crawford. It depicts the theme of racial conflict between whites — “Progress of the White Race” — and Native Americans — the “Degradation of the Indian” — with “America” personified in the center. Buick, who has been a professor at the University of New Mexico since 2000, also examines how Catholic iconography in Italy influenced Crawford’s art and how the function of the Senate nuances the sculpture’s possible interpretations from 1778, when the first treaty between the U.S. government and indigenous sovereign nations was made, to 2016 and the uprisings by water protectors at Standing Rock.

WHEN: Thursday, April 19, 7:30pm

WHERE: Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University, beside 25 Park Place NE, Room 306

PARKING: Street parking is free after 7pm.  Or use visitor parking at T Deck, 43 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303).

Free and open to the public!

Kirsten Buick attended the University of Chicago, where she double-majored in art history and Italian literature. She has published extensively on African American art and been the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Pre-Doctoral Fellowship and the Driskell Prize from the High Museum of Art in 2015, which honors contributions to the field of art of the African Diaspora. She has taught at the University of New Mexico since 2000, where she specializes in art of the U.S.; African American art; gender and race as they impact the historiography of art; representations of the American landscape; and the history of women as patrons and collectors of the arts. Her book, Child of the Fire: Mary Edmonia Lewis and the Problem of Art History’s Black and Indian Subject, is published by Duke University Press. Her second book, White Skins, White Mask: The Performance of Race in British Colonial Portraits, is in progress.

This event is presented in partnership with the Ernest G. Welch School of Architecture and Design at Georgia State University.

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To request disability accommodations at this event, please contact the Public Relations Coordinator at 404-413-5225 /jkuntz@gsu.edu with your request making sure to provide your name and the event name/date.


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