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Eleanor Neal standing in front of one of her works inside of her studio.

The studio of Atlanta-based artist Eleanor Neal is covered in hanging bunches of Spanish moss, textured collaged papers treated with beeswax, and canvases the color of sherbet sunsets, with the soothing scent of sage permeating the space. It’s exactly…

Marc Brotherton and Ashley Anderson are both contemporary artists located in Atlanta, Georgia. Brotherton’s vibrant, geometric works and Anderson’s pixelated portraits have been known to pop up throughout the city of Atlanta as well as nationally. Brotheron’s most recent…

Kristy Hughes home studio
Artist Kristy Hughes in her home studio in Valdosta, Georgia.
Artist Kristy Hughes’s studio is located in a far corner of her quaint azalea-lined suburban home in Valdosta, Georgia. Charcoal drawings by her husband, Sean Hurley, a…

Artist Fabian Williams has been throwing up murals around town paying tribute to Civil Rights leaders past and present, from Hosea Williams to Colin Kaepernick. We wanted to find out what makes him tick.

Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay, self-portrait.

Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay, an MFA candidate in photography at the University of Georgia, creates thought-provoking works that subtly address issues of post- and neo-colonialism.