Inaugural “Field Experiment” Finalists Selected

The Goat Farm and Hambidge have announced the five finalists for FIELD EXPERIMENT, a new “public action project in Atlanta GA that aims to uncover truths and ignite new thinking.”

The five artists—two individuals and three teams—were selected from 130 applications from five countries, yet all hail from the South. They are Jeffrey Collins (Atlanta); Mel Chin & Severn Eaton (Asheville, NC); Micah & Whitney Stansell (College Park, GA); Mark Wentzel (Atlanta); Kris Pilcher, Kevin Byrd, and Dale Adams (Atlanta).

Each finalist receives $2,000 to realize their project, all of which will be on view at the Hambidge Auction on May 30 at the Goat Farm Arts Center. The winner of the $20,000 prize will be announced June 5. The prize includes a two-week residency at Hambidge, and administration and production support to help complete the final project in Fall 2015.

The finalists were selected by a panel comprising Jamie Badoud, executive director of Hambidge; Zuckerman Museum of Art curator Teresa Bramlette Reeves; Anthony Harper and Mark DiNatale of the Goat Farm; and artist and Kibbee gallery director Ben Goldman.

Here are the project descriptions from the press release:

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.53.42 PMJeffrey Collins / Envelope
Site-specific architectural enhancements to mundane buildings and spaces in Atlanta. Buildings are planned and built to be anywhere. Therein, important factors of history, locality and place are in danger of being lost. This project offers an opportunity to reexamine the history & current identity of our city through the faces of its buildings using custom mass-produced parts that are adjusted passively by the environment – the place. Collins will be working with GA Tech University’s School of Architecture, the Digital Fabrication Lab and a cross-disciplinary team of students. Envelope will take something ordinary, everyday and passed-by and, with thoughtfulness and experimentation, turn it into something unexpected, useful and beautiful.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.54.11 PMMel Chin & Severn Eaton (EMC’s) / Jam-D-Jam!
A response to a contemporary dilemma shared by all Atlantans, rush hour congestion throughout the city. This radio based interactive entertainment intervention will invite participants to use these moments to contribute to an ever-changing soundscape. Calling in from their vehicles, their unscripted words or noises of frustration, boredom, aggression or anxiety will be transformed into musical invention & looped back to the traffic, the public, the performers. EMC’s will be working with a diverse set of Atlanta music makers and producers to collaborate in sampling these unpredictable recordings.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.54.29 PMMicah & Whitney Stansell / Inversion (with land)
A multi-story, multi-location projection project that grows in scale, run-time and complexity, this project invites people to explore the communities and histories of different areas of the city. The content for each story will be mined from the location where it is to be projected. The stories will be simple, open & experimental. Filmed from a unique aerial perspective moving from the city scale to the human scale using a heavy-lift remote drone that Stansell’s team built from the ground up. The project will culminate in a fourth location that wraps the built environment in narrative. All four stories will weave together, producing a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This project, introspective & anthropological in nature, will provide an inverted view of Atlanta’s sprawl, moving from broad to narrow, focusing in on the human elements of the city. The aleatory form of storytelling will guide Stansell’s team towards collaborations with participating poets & musicians depending on the content captured.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.53.24 PMMark Wentzel / Flow Field(s)
A large-scale application of a grid pattern and vector fields, this installation will use a pattern of laminar flow to consider the human experience of moving through time and space. Scientific discovery is increasingly pointing toward an understanding of both time and space as fluid; altered by things such as memory, mass, consciousness, and distance.  As technology persistently invades our time and redefines our space we may begin to feel an increasing insecurity about our connection to ourselves and the natural world. Flow Fields creates a massive Cartesian landscape within Freedom Park with the simple concept of direction as a tool for self-contextualizing and psychological mooring. Flow Field(s) emerged through ongoing collaborations between Wentzel and Dr. Joel Kimmons, a scientist at the CDC.  Their current focus is in the area of behavioral design, work that has a continuous effect on the direction of this project.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.51.26 PMKris Pilcher, Kevin Byrd, and Dale Adams / The Dream Collection Agency

The Dream Collection Agency (DCA) is a corporate entity designed to collect, document, and recycle dreams. The Agency solicits public dream donations via an online Dream Depository and an in-store collection laboratory. Dream donations are cataloged and recreated in three dimensional digital environments using cutting edge 21st century Oculus Rift VR technology. Visitors to the storefront collection laboratory are invited to experience these documented dreams in a safe and secure virtual reality environment under the watchful eye of professionally trained Dream Technicians. “As virtual reality and other technologies become more widespread in the near future, we would like to begin discussing the implications of existing in both a physical & digital reality and at which point will we allow our hopes, dreams, and ambitions to become nothing more than a computer simulation. We would like to find out if this digital experience & corporatization cheapens or enhances our naturally occurring mental visions.”


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