Georgia Voter Guide—a TAD is not a TAZ

In tribute to friends. And to redevelopment.

Have you voted? All you need for advanced voting is a photo ID (if you are already registered in Georgia) and a couple hours free time. In fact, Georgia Law requires that your employer give you two hours off so you can make it to the polls. If you’re not sure…

…where you’re registered to vote, you can always check the Secretary of State’s website. And if you’re not sure which local candidates to vote for—this Georgia Voter Guide is an excellent quick reference:

Georgia Voter Guide (provided by the LWVGa) at

It has a full preview of the ballot (although the order is slightly different) with pictures of candidates and responses to basic policy questions. You can compare credentials and positions on immigration, education, etc. for every candidate who responded to the survey.

The ballot has a lot of items, but the bulk (near the middle) will ask you to “decide” on judges who run uncontested this year. The end of the ballot, though, has three GA Constitutional amendments that you might want to think about.

Amendment No. 2 concerns Tax Allocation Districts (TADs). I won’t take a position here, but it basically allows tax money that would normally go to schools to go to redevelopers. (A TAD was used to build Atlantic Station; TADs have also been proposed to fund the Atlanta Beltline…)

I waited about two hours yesterday. But since everyone there was in such a good mood, it was actually kind of fun. So take a long lunch. Leave work early. Save yourself the trouble and vote early.

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