Forward Arts’ Emerging Artist Award Goes To Amandine Drouet

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 2.42.24 PMThe Forward Arts Foundation has just announced Amandine Drouet as the winner of its Emerging Artist Award for 2014-15. The award is given to artists who have not had a major solo show and do not have commercial gallery representation. Drouet receives $10,000 and will have a show at the Swan Coach House Gallery in 2015.

Drouet is known for her abstract fiber-based works and large-scale mixed-media installations that have been exhibited at Hodgepodge Gallery (2013), Kibbee (2010), and Eyedrum (2004), among others.

Finalists for the prize were Jessica Caldas, Chris Chambers, Henry Detweiler, and Chantelle Rytter. Each receives $2,000 and will have a work on view concurrently with Drouet’s exhibition.

Last year’s winner, Morgan Alexander, will open his show at the Swan Coach House Gallery on April 17.

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