Terry on the Town: The Car Wash Edition

Every week in Terry on the Town, we catch up with the indefatigable Terry Kearns to see what he’s been up to, where he’s gone, and what and who he’s seen. If you don’t know Terry, he’s the bespectacled man with the tousled head of hair and a be-stickered Pixel 2 in front of his face who can be seen buzzing around and through damn near every art event in Atlanta.

2018-06-22 Won’t Lovers Revolt Now Whitespace Ben Estes | Rubens Ghenov | Iva Gueorguieva | Dana Haugaard | Las Hermanas Iglesias | Lisa Iglesias | Matt Phillips | Sarah Smith | The Fuel and Lumber Company of Birmingham

2018-06-23 Westside Mural Curated by Michael Jones at Car Wash Lean Draft House | Letter75 | C Flux | Lewis Jacob Xema | Krista Clard | Lacy Longino | Larkin Ford | Matthew Evans Joekinatl | Michael Jones | TJ Sanders | William Downs | Phil Harris

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