Terry on the Town: The Working Artist Edition

Every week in Terry on the Town, we catch up with the indefatigable Terry Kearns to see what he’s been up to, where he’s gone, and what and who he’s seen. If you don’t know Terry, he’s the bespectacled man with the tousled head of hair and a be-stickered Pixel 2 in front of his face who can be seen buzzing around and through damn near every art event in Atlanta.

2018-07-13 KIRSTIN MITCHELL Miecznikowski WAP Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia MOCA GA Working Artist Program

2018-07-13 2017/18 Wonderroot Hughley Fellows Exhibition First Person Plural | Anicka Austin | CC Calloway | Claire Chambless | Davion Alston | Ebony Blanding | Jeremi Johnson | Meredith Kooi | Nicole Benner | Patrick Di Rito | Vanessa Brook Williams

2018-07-11 JOE PERAGINE After the Hunt Marcia Wood Gallery

2018-07-13 Emily Braswell | Jenna Rees DAYTONA Blue Mark Studios JOEKINGATL Joe Dreher

2018-07-14 Thunderfoxes Camayuhs Josh Dihle | Mike Calway-Fagen | Dana Haugaard | Alex Kerr | Erick Medel | Miller & Shellabarger | Jaymerson Payton | Jeff Whetstone | Derrick Woods-Morrow

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