Dodge & Burn: Elevate’s Grand Finale Carnival

All photos by John E. Ramspott.

Elevate: Art Above Underground ended its 66-day public art festival with the Elevate Carnival that mobilized 101 performers and an enthusiastic crowd despite the chilly winds last Saturday. Two Kids and a Dream danced at the VIP party and throughout the event, alongside men on stilts, trapeze artists, aerial acrobats, fire-swallowers, hoola-hoopers, and burlesque dancers.

Gigantic murals several stories high, a vinyl painting that covered the entire height of an outdoor staircase, and acrobats that swung down from the Peach Drop tower—these were no small achievements. The event was also a big tent party, including artists of many stripes.

Overall, Elevate went big. So many artists of all ages and colors gained a chance to show Atlanta what they could do, and people who normally are not exposed to art had a chance to see quite a variety. I would, of course, have liked to see bigger crowds for the performances and more coverage from the mainstream news media. But the bottom line is that the event enabled artists who make ends-meet by doing nonartistic jobs to spend time making art, supporting each other, and sharing their work with the people of Atlanta for free.

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  • Tim Mack
    November 4, 2011 at

    The Imperial OPA circus had a fantastic time helping to assemble this event!

    We hope to work with more performing arts groups and produce larger events such at this threw out the 2012 season and beyond!

    We would love to hear your thoughts about exciting events in the city, or if your a circus artist as well – lets network!

    Thank you to the Public Arts department, Underground Atlanta, and the city for letting us make magic!


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