Zieere Isaac

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On view at ICA VCU: Dineo Seshee Bopape

“Review of Etienne Jackson at Hammonds House Museum”

Time, experience, and wisdom cannot be seen physically, but artist Etienne Jackson interprets his vision of these abstract things to his audience. He successfully does so through one of his pieces called Journey – a part of Time, Experience, and Wisdom, his multimedia exhibit at The Hammonds House Museum. Jackson works with cast iron as an authentic structure to express the deeper understanding of his life’s journey. He successfully conveys the hardships of his life, through the challenges of molding hot metal to create a map of his journey.

From beginning to end, this piece embraces continuous lines, bizarre shapes, various textures, and spaces. They resemble a mazelike structure, or a sky view of a piece of land. These unusual sectors of art seem to mutually connect and make sense of Jackson’s life. Perhaps he was in a chaotic and confused place in his life at the time, searching for answers. The series of textures and unfilled holes unite and bear a similarity to his obstacles throughout life. This sculpture seems complicated because it is divided into four sections. But each piece collectively comes together as one to represent Jackson’s journey.

Swan Coach House Gallery: private nature through November 4

According to an online description of Time, Experience, and Wisdom, Jackson’s work is a spiritual and physical journey to self-discovery and a living catalogue for the beauty and trials of life. His overall goal was to create something that his audience could relate to in their own life’s journey. And the reactions from his audience seem to prove that he made that connection.

Zieere Isaac is a junior at KIPP Atlanta Collegiate.


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