Opening Reception for Portals In The Matrix

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This exhibition is concerned with the complex interplay of spiritual paradigms of diasporic persons and the archival embodiments of ritual in contemporary spaces. The themes within this show include: Africana histories and rituals, the relevance of spirituality in depictions of Afrofuturism, and art as a form of communal care. Submerged within each of the works is an encounter with these themes. Imagery around some portals alludes to the viral make-up of the current pandemic and deteriorating connections to our past. Other works are layered with resin, archival images, and the belief that if you stay long enough, you’ll find another world to be transported to.

In addition to the visual art, this exhibition will also feature performances by choreographer and dancer Kerri Garrett who will activate the portals/works on 11/11 (between 6pm and 9pm) and 11/12 (between 6pm and 8pm) as a way of creating an ethnographic experience that permeates the gallery.

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