Maya Moultrie

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“Etienne Jackson’s Time, Experience and Wisdom: Revolution”  

Etienne Jackson’s piece Revolution at Hammonds House Museum is used as a special representation of his life. The theme that was pulled from the sculpture Revolution is: Life is a cycle.The gold ring which wraps around the whole piece draws that conclusion. It also made easier connecting the idea that the younger Jackson, who at one point wanted nothing to do with carpentry, found a new love for woodwork as the years passed.

The two keys that hang in the middle of the ring made me think, something constantly moving is revolving and the name of this piece is Revolution, so the keys symbolize decisions made to help him keep moving forward. When you take a closer look, you realize that the keys are not modern day keys that you would find at Home Depot or Walmart, but they are older keys. It also gets you thinking that the old keys mean that to move on to newer, better, more exciting things, you have to use life and telling knowledge, lessons and experiences that you have encountered in the past to help you progress.

In life, everything must keep on moving. Once you unlock one door another pops up in its place and is waiting for you to push through it and move on to the next one. The piece Revolution has a way of giving insight into his his story, while at the same time giving the viewers something to relate to and think about.

Maya Moultrie is a freshmen at North Clayton High School.

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