Jasmine O. Johnson

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“Review of Alexi Torres at Mason Murer Gallery”

Alexi Torres’s painting “Rain,” from his collection “Positive Thoughts,” gives off a spiritual vibe. When one is looking at this painting, from afar the picture gives the illusion that it is sparkling and attracts the naked eye. However, once coming up close to the painting one will notice that, what was sparkling from afar were just feathers. Looking at how detailed the feathers are, it would lead a person to believe that the painting was painted with real feathers. The woman is being formed as the feathers fall. The feathers are creating her and the rain. In Torres’s artist statement, he says, “I use the canvas platform to offer my vision of a spiritual healing.” The woman’s hand gesture gives a spiritual feeling to the viewer.

This painting creates a sense of peace and relaxation. This painting is oil on canvas, and it consists of the colors blue, mint green, and black or navy blue. Blue brings the word “cool” to mind. Blue shows the calm movement in the rain. The movement in the rain makes the women seem like a flying angle. Mint green brings a breeze to mind because it reminds you of the movement in the trees. When trees move, it affects the lighting, so the light spots in the middle represent an opening. Mint green represents the peaceful mood that the girl in the painting is in. Black brings out a dark side. Black shows a sense of progression from a dark place to a place of happiness, because of the light and dark value throughout the painting.

In the painting, the woman is holding her hands out as if she is wanting or trying to receive something. She is showing that she is willing to receive the peace and happiness that is coming her way. In the painting the woman displays a desperate facial expression. The woman in the picture seems to be in a place in her life that shows wealth and abundance. Abundance is seen in this painting because she opened to more of whatever she is receiving. Her hands shows that she is ready to experience her journey to heaven. The woman is saying “take me away.”

Jasmine O. Johnson is a junior at the Hapeville Charter Career Academy.

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