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Living Walls’ Signs of Solidarity

By May 09, 2020
Sarah Stover for Living Walls.
Nathan Tavel for Living Walls.
Reviving the program Signs of Solidarity, which originally launched in the run-up to Donald Trump’s inauguration as president in early 2017, Atlanta street art nonprofit Living Walls has commissioned thirty artists to create new Signs of Solidarity during the ongoing period of social isolation in response to COVID-19. Twenty-five of these artists have created hand-painted banners that are displayed across the city, and five artists designed digital banners in collaboration with Orange Barrel Media in Downtown Atlanta.
@thecolorcienna for Living Walls.
Rebecca Kidd for Living Walls.
Nick Sheridan (@glass.knuckles) for Living Walls.
Bianca Acosta for Living Walls.
Barry Lee (@barryleeart) for Living Walls.
Elizabeth Jarrett for Living Walls.
Sofahood (@sofahood) for Living Walls.

Find out more about Living Walls’ Signs of Solidarity project here.

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