BURNAWAY Thanks Possible Futures, GCA, FCAC, and Readers Like You!

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Remember our party in Castleberry Hill this September? There’s more where that came from! Photo by John Ramspott.

Dear Atlanta,


We would like to thank everyone who’s been a part of our journey over the past 12 months. The year is coming to a close, so we want to send some love your way.

First, we would like to thank Possible Futures for their tremendous, indispensable support in the past, as well as for their latest gesture, a new challenge grant for 2012-2013. This winter they have pledged $20,000 in matching funds, so every dollar you donate will count double during the grant cycle. Our focus for this challenge is individual gifts. The new grant includes December and is effective right now, so please consider BURNAWAY in your year-end giving!

We also owe gratitude to Fulton County Arts Council for their $5,000 grant. This is our second year of support from FCAC, whose funds have helped alleviate some of the operational costs of managing our publication and public programs.

And we certainly appreciate the $2,500 project grant from Georgia Council for the Arts. GCA’s award helps support BURNAWAY’s audio program, ARTSpeak, which broadcasts over the radio in partnership with AM1690.


But most of all, we want thank our readers. For our supporters who are artists, we hope you’ve found valuable opportunities through our Call for Artists column and live workshops. For students craving something more beyond the classroom, perhaps you liked the perspectives of our columnists behind Theory in Studio and The Fringe. For art lovers of all professions, we hope our To Do List has helped you find cool new experiences around the city. And for newcomers (like the couple who attended our spooky Sunday Supper in Oakland Cemetery, without any previous knowledge of our magazine, and loved it), we are proud that BURNAWAY Magazine could help you discover that intelligent, adventurous artwork is happening right here in the Southeast.

(P.S. For those recently joining us, BURNAWAY’s name was inspired by a Southern literary hero, William Faulkner.)

(P.P.S. If you haven’t explored our Vimeo channel yet, please take a look and watch out for more videos in the new year!.)

Our publication belongs to you. We promise that BURNAWAY will bring you bigger and better things in 2013, both online and offline. Then again, there are still over two weeks left in 2012, so please stay tuned!

Warmly, sincerely,


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