Announcing BURNAWAY’s Inaugural Annual Print Issue!

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Teaser: Jody Fausett, Flower Room, from Snake Eyes series, 2008, 40 x 50 inch Archival Pigment Print, Edition of 3, courtesy the artist and Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta.

BURNAWAY Magazine is excited to announce our inaugural print publication to be released late August-early September 2013! We are interested in using an annual print platform to reinforce our content and programs, and present a curated visual essay pertinent to Atlanta and the Southeast in a timely and relevant manner.

Rafael Soldi: A body in transit is now on view at the Frost Museum, Miami through December 4

The theme for 2013 is INTERIOR. We launched our Studio Visit interview column this year and have been thinking a lot about not only the process of making, but also how the site of production can change the working context. As Atlanta’s art community is very decentralized and the landscape rather horizontal, spaces pop up and are, as a majority, repurposed on an individual—and not communal—case basis. Galleries and exhibitions spaces as well are unique and most do not fit within the contemporary white cube model.

What does this mean for a city’s contemporary art scene? Does this allow flexibility or hinder curation? And, as part of a larger, picture, how does artistic output reflect this? Are artists creating work for the spaces they present the work within, or is this an afterthought? Is there a disconnect there?  Does the work live its best within the studio? How does the collector base reflect this decentralization? Are collections disconnected from the local scene altogether? How are they integrated? What initiatives, programs, exhibitions have really exemplified a specific use of space? What are the myriad ways artists are utilizing “studios” within the city?

These are some of the questions we’re interested in raising and issues we seek to explore in this inaugural 2013 issue. Please save the date for our Atlanta release party on Thursday August 29th. Release parties in New Orleans, LA and Lexington, KY will follow this fall/winter 2013. The publication will be available at the Decatur Book Festival from August 30-September 1st and at the NY Art Book Fair September 19-22, 2013.


Christian Siriano on view at SCAD FASH in Atlanta through October 9


Introductory interview: Carolyn Ramo, executive director of Artadia, with Cara Benedetto, Artadia program director
Artist project: Jody Fausett
With contributions by: Kate Doubler, Lilly Lampe, Amy Mackie, Phillip March Jones, Rachel Reese, Karley Sullivan
Including: Radcliffe Bailey, Louis Bickett, Chris Chambers, Mike Goodlett, Jason Kofke, Jiha Moon, Robert Morgan, John Otte, Out There Atlanta, Parse Gallery, SEEK Atl, Sunday Art Salon, Zen Dixie

Publish date: August 2013
Designer: K. Tauches
Editor: Rachel Reese
Published by: BURNAWAY Magazine, Atlanta
40 pages, full color with perfect bound cover
Edition of 500
7 x 10 inches
Printer: ElandersUSA, Acworth, GA

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