Art Writers Mentorship Program

The Art Writers Mentorship Program (AWMP) seeks to develop the voices of new art writers by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and connections to significantly advance and define their careers. The program includes monthly mentoring sessions with leading national arts writers and critics, peer-to-peer critiques and reviews, and guidance for developing professional business practices and cultivating writing techniques, style, and voice.

Past mentors in the program have included artnet News critic Ben Davis, writer and editor Orit Gat, critic and poet Raphael Rubinstein, and Chicago-based professor and critic Susan Snograss, among others.

BA’s Art Writers Mentorship Program will return in 2019. Email with any questions about the program.

Atlanta Art Guide

Four times a year, BURNAWAY publishes the Atlanta Art Guide, a handy foldout list of galleries and current exhibitions in the city, complete with a map of local venues. The current guide rounds out 2018 and can be found at galleries, museums, and coffee shops throughout Atlanta.

To submit a listing for the upcoming edition of the Atlanta Art Guide, email

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