Breaking News: The Creatives Project’s Four New Residency Winners

TCP organized a meet-and-greet between the four residency winners at the site of Gyun Hur’s Beltline installation. Left to right: Charlie Watts, MAO, Andre Keichian, and Gyun Hur. Photo courtesy The Creatives Project.

Today’s announcement marks a milestone for Atlanta-based nonprofit The Creatives Project (TCP). Four winners—mixed-media installation artist Gyun Hur, animator and filmmaker Andre Keichian, mixed-media sculptor Masud “MAO” Olufani, and photographer Charlie Watts—will take part in TCP’s long-awaited subsidized housing initiative in 2013.

Last year’s round of TCP residencies benefited eight artists who gained access to studio units at The Goat Farm Art Center. This year’s program goes beyond work space, however, to include space for living and working, a bonus that adds longevity to the residency’s impact. No matter how much talent you might have, you can’t survive on inspiration alone. Helping build sustainable careers goes a long way towards encouraging artists to stay in Atlanta rather than relocate to another city.

Although only four participants will benefit this round, TCP widens the field for arts services in Atlanta by becoming the only group currently providing subsidized housing for local artists. During a conversation last week Neda Abghari, the nonprofit’s executive director, was sure that two applicants would have access to housing. After negotiating the final details, however, TCP was able to increase the number to four.

TCP’s website has more information on the artists’ portfolios as well as interviews with the artists comparing and contrasting their diverse styles and backgrounds.

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