2nd Field Experiment Prize Announced

Field Experiment 2016 – “9to5” from Goat Farm Arts Center on Vimeo.

The 2nd Field Experiment Prize has just been announced by the Goat Farm Arts Center and the Hambidge Center, who co-sponsor the $20,000 prize. The concept by New York- and Atlanta-based collective 9to5 (Pablo Gnecco, Derek Bruno, Travis Broyles) has won the $20,000 prize, which goes towards the execution of the group’s project proposal this fall.

As part of the prize, the team will also receive a two-week Hambidge residency, and administrative and production support.

According to the project’s website, “9to5 is a real world space and online channel for experimental projects and progressive discussion.” The goal is to create an open-source online platform to facilitate interaction and collaboration among artists around the world “in hopes to create artworks that better reflect both large and small scale communities.”

The Goat Farm’s Anthony Harper perhaps sums it up best: “Humans haven’t figured out the optimal balance between in-person participation vs. remote participation through technology. How can you incorporate access to the vast knowledge base that comes with global participation via technology while still maintaining the advantages of in-person knowledge sharing & cooperation? The 9to5 concept is taking a sizable step in answering this question.”

The inaugural Field Experiment Prize was given to Mel Chin and Severn Eaton for their traffic-inspired, crowd-sourced project Jam-D-Jam, which is “still on the long road to the airwaves,” according to the Goat Farm’s Facebook page.

Proposals by the other finalists for the 2016 prize can be viewed here.

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