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All posts tagged "local ephemera"

  • mccallum-tarry-Video41
    McCallum and Tarry balance beauty and social engagement

    Someone searching for information about Brooklyn-based artists Bradley McCallum and Jaqueline Tarry could spend hours surfing through countless articles and still not see the full picture. In preparation for their exhibition Evenly Yoked at Spelman College Museum...

    • Posted September 9, 2010
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  • purge3_skylight-500x374
    Farewell Local Ephemera!! — “Death is a dia[b]log between …”

    To our dearly departed, Local Ephemera: We miss you! Ever since photographer Jonathan Bouknight’s final post last month, I’ve searched for an appropriate time to say a few words. In his farewell address, Bouknight directed his readers...

    • Posted May 13, 2009
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