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Did We Hit the Thrift Store Jackpot?

Dear BURNAWAY, My mom found a painting at Goodwill over the weekend and she’s convinced it’s a masterpiece. She paid $7.99 for it. She thinks she’s hit the lottery and has been obsessively scouring the Internet searching for a  signature match  and similar images. I don’t have much expertise in this realm. I make installationy/sculpturey/video…

Gustave_Courbet_-_Le_Désespéré_(1843) 1050 by 500

Is It Okay To Say “No”?

Dear BURNAWAY, When I relocated to my current city, people suggested that I should “seize every opportunity” and “be a yes-man,” and that a can-do attitude will help propel me into the world of the professional artist. But lately, I’ve found myself spinning my wheels and doing a lot of free stuff, a lot of…


How Do I Price My Work?

Dear BURNAWAY, How should I price my artwork? I have a BFA, but not an MFA. I’m selling some things in a group show: four paintings on panel and one clay sculpture. Thanks. Dollar Sighs Dear Dollar Sighs, There’s a lot that goes into finding the right price point for your work. Since I don’t…

Shara Louden,  Community, 2014, aluminum and steel screws, 192 x 238.5 x 291 inches.

At the Asheville Art Museum

BURNAWAY’s Permanent Residents column highlights permanent installations and artworks at galleries, museums, and art spots around the Southeast. Writing about the Asheville Art Museum, the column takes on a necessarily anxious tone as three site-specific artworks at the museum face a necessarily impermanent future with the downtown institution’s major renovation coming up in 2016. Schedule a visit to see these…


My Show Got Dissed!

Dear BURNAWAY, I participated in a group show in another city, and an art critic wrote a review of the show and totally dissed my work! He called it “underwhelming.” UNDERWHELMING. I feel like roadkill. I’m heartbroken. I know I shouldn’t care about what others think, and I should just move on but my brain won’t…


Deigratia Daniels Aims to Simulate the Black Man Experience

As discussion and nationwide protests continue to swirl around race, violence, and the criminal justice system in America, Deigratia Daniels, one of Idea Capital’s new grant recipients, hopes to contribute his voice to the ongoing dialogue with his project The Black Man Simulator. An interactive 3-D learning tool, Black Man Simulator uses a headset that…


I Don’t Have a Gallery. Do I Need a PR Agent?

  Dear BURNAWAY, I don’t have gallery representation, so I’m looking into art agents and PR reps. Is this worthwhile? How does the art world feel about artists working through agencies? One-Man-Show  Dear One-Man-Show,  Thanks for writing in with this question. Every artist, musician, and writer is familiar with your situation. These days, we are…


Sally Heller Makes Connections in New Orleans

For the past five months, individuals driving, walking, and biking down St. Claude Avenue have been interacting with LINKED, an outdoor installation by New Orleans-based Sally Heller. One of her few public works, Heller developed this large-scale collage—measuring 20 feet high and 60 feet wide—to mask an empty, wooden wall connecting Melvin’s bar and Gene’s…

Matt Terrell Idea Capital

Why I Love Idea Capital

Matthew Terrell kicks off a series on the new crop of Idea Capital grant recipients. His enthusiastic account underscores why funding artists directly is meaningful and often invaluable. Idea Capital was founded in 2008 by Stuart Keeler, Susan Todd-Raque, Pam Rogers, Louise Shaw, and Cinqué Hicks. Their mission was to fund artist projects that might not…


Oops, Can I Patch a Hole Myself?

Dear BURNAWAY, Sooooo, I was in my studio last week and was moving a large painting from one side of the room to the other. Me being me, I tripped over a drill that was lying on the floor and my canvas went crashing to the ground! Well, not really the ground, but right onto…

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HLN Commissions Data-driven Artworks for CNN Center

When I stepped into the new Headline News (HLN) studios at the CNN Center, I knew that something big was afoot. Just months ago, I’d taken a class of students on the CNN Tour, and the HLN studios were empty, bombed-out beige shells of corporate wasteland. Those same studios are now full of young creative…

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What Makes a Good CV?

Dear BURNAWAY, First off, I love this column, it’s informative and inspiring, so thank you! I’ve got something to add to the question pool. I’m trying to get my professional act together and am finally setting up a website, complete with pictures and statements and, of course, a CV. Which is where my question comes…


How To Photograph Your Work

Dear BURNAWAY, I curated a group show recently, and a local magazine is publishing a review of it. (Yippee!) The writer asked me to send two hi-res images of artwork and an installation shot. I want to do this right, seeing as the last couple of times I sent images out, it was a total…


Practice Makes Perfect

Dear BURNAWAY, I’m just starting out as a writer, and I think I’ve established the kind of voice I’d like to project. I’ve gone through the artistic stew period of figuring out what I’m passionate about, how to think and talk about it, and how I would like to connect concepts and themes. Alright, okay….



While researching for my new work, I sketched copies of landscape paintings from the Old Dutch to contemporary. These exercises were a part of my investigation of the quickly disappearing borders between nature and culture. I recognized that although I try to abolish the fabricated idealism in these landscapes, I consistently use similar tactics in…


Do I Have to Instagram?

Dear BURNAWAY, Do I really need an Instagram account? I’m a visual artist, and I feel like updating  Facebook and Twitter already takes up a lot of my mental space, but I’ve been told by friends that I need to be on Instagram, too. I feel like I should just focus on my work and…


Art Crush: It’s a Party Like No Other

Come on down to our part of town and get your groove on for Art Crush! The 4th annual Art Crush Auction — Atlanta’s most fun, most irreverent auction is happening on SATURDAY, MARCH 7, 7-11pm / Live Auction begins at 8:15pm. Don’t mess around. Tickets sold out last year, and you don’t want to miss out….


When Art Bombs

Were you stuck in that hellacious traffic jam on Monday, when I-75/85 was closed at 14th Street because of a suspicious object? What did you think when you found out that Georgia State University art students were to blame? Shortly after 1PM on February 2, police and then the bomb squad were called to the…